I went to see Heather recently to have a portrait photo taken for my company website & LinkedIn profile. She was extremely professional and helpful, not only did she take many versions with different angles and lighting in order to get it just right, but she advised on the right sort of ‘style’ for a business photo. The end results were perfect. - Kathy

Business Photography


People tend to do business with people they know, like and trust. A professional head-shot helps people feel they know you before they’ve even met you. This is even more so with the instant changing world of social media: Twitter, Linked-In, Google+ and Facebook.

  • A good head-shot conveys instant professionalism

It’s well known that people tend to spend more time looking at photographs rather than the content, so it’s vital your head-shot is engaging and personable.  It will be used on websites, social media, marketing materials and other presentations.

  • Use the same head-shot for each channel to ensure instant recognition

Important stuff to note:

  • A head-shot is typically just head and shoulders
  • There are two styles of shooting a business head-shot: studio or environment, and/or both, and different orientations are available i.e. vertical, horizontal or square
  • Studio head-shots include a white, light grey or black background
  • Environmental styles can be more casual, if you are seeking a more laid-back side of your personality within the business community. The background in the image is created out of focus separating you from the background


Have you just started up your own business?  Need fresh and engaging material for your website and promotional material?  Your website is your shop front and you'll know, you have just seconds to capture your clients and customers interest. I can give you engaging imagery.

To discuss your ideas and requirements in more detail please contact me : heather@yourlife-photography.co.uk or 07866 503648.