Oleen and Charlie's Wedding at The Daffodil in Cheltenham

Oleen and Charlie had chosen to get married at The Daffodil in Cheltenham, a truly unique wedding venue.  Historically it had been Cheltenham's first purpose build picture palace, opening its door in Oct 1922 continuously showing theHollywood silent movie Thunderclap starring Mary Carr.  The Daffodil also saw the country's first 'kissing seats' that were situated on the end of each isle, these seats were needless to say very popular with courting couples.  Today it is mainly a restaurant and bar yet with a quick bit of magic it can be transformed into a fairytale venue for weddings.  For Oleen and Charlie after the ceremony they grabbed a few quiet moments at the nearby Montpellier gardens, which gave me an opportunity to stand back and grab a couple of romantic shots without being noticed.  It was a lovely day.